Holly McDowall by Emily Fulton


Emily Fulton had a quick catch up with Holly McDowall. Holly’s elfin features and raven hair have made her popular in Asia – Emily grabs her for a chat as she embarks on new travels. We hope you enjoy! Model Team x 

Hey Holly! How are things?

I'm good! Just arrived in Beijing over a week ago and ready to work.

You’re working in Beijing – excited?

It's my third time in China but it's my first time in Beijing - so that's exciting! With all its history, I'm looking forward to exploring the capital.

What do you like about working abroad?

The people! I love meeting not only the locals but all other foreigners that are in the same situation as me. I get to learn some of their culture. It can be challenging sometimes though: attempting new languages and enjoying strange, alien foods that I've never even seen before.

Where’s your favourite place to work, and why?

Even though working abroad is a great experience, nothing beats the comforts of home. So Glasgow my home city is ideal: my family are there, I know how everything works and I don't get lost as often!

Describe a typical day for you while working abroad.

Coffee in the morning is a must! Then the day can begin - if it's not being stuck in a car all day going to castings (which can be a laugh with other models) then it's going to a job, which is the kind of day we're all here for.

How do you relax after a long day?

After a long day I love just laying on my bed on my phone catching up on the news, social media etc. A nice hot shower then straight to bed before the next day unfolds.

Current obsessions?

Miniso! A Japanese store in China. Full of everyday essentials and cool stuff, plus it's perfect for a model budget. I go in every time I see it!

Do you have any tips for young models who want to travel?

Relax - working abroad can be stressful but it's always a great life experience. Have patience - there is a lot of waiting around and the language barrier can be hard, but you will adjust to it. Also have confidence - there is huge competition, but don't compare yourself to others! Everyone is unique and clients are always looking for something different.

Finally - any exciting news?

I'm also going to Hong Kong for the first time after Beijing, and it'll be my 21st birthday there! I think it'll be a great place to celebrate, especially since I have some friends over there.

Images by Aleksandra: http://aleksandramphoto.tumblr.com/