Monica Duncan By Emily Fulton

Emily Fulton had a quick chat with our lovely Monica Duncan who is currently working out in Seoul, South Korea. 

Hey Monica! How are things in Seoul?
Seoul is going well! I'm really enjoying the experience here.

Have you worked in South Korea before?
This is my first time working in South Korea! However I have wanted to come here for a long time, so I was really excited to finally do it.

What three places would you recommend to visit in Seoul?
First, I would recommend the Gyeongbokgung Palace. It's such a nice place with a really beautiful atmosphere. Second, Itaewon is a cool district where you can find a lot of foreigners (like me! Haha). Third, there is a street known as "Green Street" which is a shopping and cafe area that is really cute.

Describe your typical working day.
Here in Seoul, every day is different. One day I could have a free day, the next I'm working till 2am. There’s definitely no ‘typical working day’ when it comes to South Korea!

What do you like about working abroad, and is there anything you don’t like about it?
The best thing about working abroad is meeting new people. I have met so many amazing characters and formed really close friendships in such short spaces of time! The downside of working abroad is feeling out of your comfort zone, and disconnected from your life back at home. But, this in turn can be a great thing because it allows you to grow and broaden your horizons.

Do you have any tips for models looking to travel, especially those looking to travel as far as you have?
The first tip I would have is to be patient. The first couple of trips I did, it would have been so easy to just pack up all my stuff and come straight back home. However, time really does help. After sticking it out in a new country for even just two weeks and then looking back at how things were on the first day, in my experience it's always much better.

Name your five essential travel items.
- My power bank, for long days in the casting car or jobs where you can't charge your phone.

- Tea from home for those first few unfamiliar days.

- Medicine: it's sometimes much easier to just bring your own rather than dealing with language barriers and having to pay/sort out insurance in a foreign hospital.

- Eye drops. I really need to wear contacts every day and sometimes on a long day of shooting my eyes can get dry with air conditioning. Also when jet-lagged it's a useful way of trying to wake up my eyes when I'm tired!

- Finally, my iPad: it really helps to fill in time when waiting for hours at a casting. And in some cities you can use it for your portfolio which saves me from carrying around a huge heavy book all day with my pictures!

Do you have a goal for the next year, or anywhere you’d like to travel next?
My plans for next year aren't finalised yet, but I do know that I'll be in Shanghai, China in February for 3 months, which will be my 5th (!!!) visit!  

How do you like to spend your free time in Seoul, when you have it?
I really love the area where I live here, which is called Apgujeong. I live next to Green Street, so I enjoy wandering around, looking in all the cute shops!

Finally, name the one thing you’re excited most about just now.
My birthday is very soon, so I’m excited to spend it here in Seoul with some new friends I have made!

Images from a recent wedding shoot shot in Seoul.