Neve Caffrey by Emily Fulton

Emily Fulton had a quick catch up with the ethereal Neve Caffrey as she begins work in Cape Town.

You’re quite the traveller Neve - where are you working just now?

I'm currently in Cape Town and loving it.

What do you like best about Cape Town so far?

The people definitely! Everyone is so positive and friendly, also the surroundings are incredible.

And where’s your favourite place you’ve ever worked?

So far, Bali. It was beautiful and so chilled out, there was never any rush - which is a nice change in the fashion industry. But I feel like by the end of this trip my mind will have changed to Cape Town, I'm already in love with this amazing city!

Name five items you can’t travel without.

Face masks (travelling causes havoc to my skin)
Comfy trainers
Gym clothes
My favourite snacks from home (I like to have my home comforts when I first get there!)
A trusty backpack for castings!

Do you get much free time to explore the cities you’re working in? How do you like to spend your days off?

It depends where I am - some places can be relaxed with castings and work, leaving time for yourself. In this case I like to explore, go on walks, do typical tourist things and I love to try new cafes and restaurants. However, in certain places it can be full-on and I have barely enough time to shower and eat in the day!

How do you deal with jet lag?

My best tip is try and stay awake in the new time zone. The worst thing you can do is arrive at lunch and sleep till 7pm, you will never get used to the new schedule!

Favourite memory from your work travels?

So far my favourite memory is a 5am shoot on a private beach in Bali. Watching the sunrise was just breathtaking, I think I will remember that forever!

Tell me what you’re most excited about just now.

Right now, I'm just excited for new experiences here in Cape Town - it's such a different market, involving a lot of acting which is something interesting and different for me to try.

Finally - what’s your tip for any models looking to work abroad?

Be brave and take chances. Travel can be very daunting, but if you just throw yourself into the experience it makes things a lot easier!