Scotland’s Model Teenager

"Documentary following 18-year-old model Connor Newall as he travels in Europe and to New York on various assignments.

Turning his back on a potential career in the Govan shipyards or the British Army, Connor instead travels the world, often on his own, fulfilling the demands of a punishing schedule. Keeping in touch with his family when he can, Connor shoots with top photographers, is dressed by the best stylists and parties with celebrities.

This documentary - part of BBC One's Our Lives series - examines his fast-paced life in the modelling world and also looks at whether his home life in Govan is moving on without him. Agents, family and professionals provide guidance as the teenage model tries to keep the momentum going and survive and thrive in the sometimes superficial world of fashion.

The programme asks whether the teenager may be forced to reinvent himself or whether his charm, unique looks and Glasgow humour can keep brand Connor alive."